Aqua Vision Coral Dip 1oz

Reef H2O

$ 13.78 


Product Code: AV01052

* Coral disinfectant keeps hitchhikers out of your reef aquarium
* Essential coral cleansing treatment during quarantine period
* Safe solution for new additions of SPS, LPS and zoanthid corals
AquaVision AquaticsCleanse new corals to keep undesirable marine organisms from entering your reef aquarium. Use AquaVision Aquatics Coral Dip Solution prior to adding new corals to your aquarium to prevent the potential introduction of undesirable hitchhikers, microfauna and microbial diseases. Incorporate this coral disinfectant as an essential part of your coral quarantine process to support coral and reef aquarium health.

Use AquaVision Aquatics Coral Dip Solution in an acclimation vessel as a coral bath treatment prior to adding new corals to your main reef aquarium setup. Corals can acquire many problematic marine organisms during collection, transportation and propagation. Coral Dip Solution is safe for use on SPS, LPS and Zoanthid coral colonies. Includes 1.2 ml pipette for convenient dispensing of solution. 1 oz (30ml) provides six treatments.

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