Aqua Vision Phosphate Solution 1oz

Reef H2O

$ 22.99 


Product Code: AV01034

* Reef-safe phosphate remover boasts quick and effective action
* Reduce phosphate levels in saltwater or freshwater aquariums
* Manage phosphate for aquarium water quality and inhabitant health

AquaVision AquaticsManage phosphate levels in your aquariums with just a few drops of Phosphate Solution. Out-of-control phosphate levels mean poor water quality and poor inhabitant health. Six drops of liquid Phosphate Solution safely and effectively lowers phosphate by 0.5 ppm for every 10 gallons of water. Easy-to-dispense dropper-style bottle makes aquarium phosphate removal convenient. Phosphate Solution is safe for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. 1 oz bottle treats 1,000 gallons for up to 1 ppm of phosphate removal.

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