Bubble Magus Protein Skimmer BM-C7 W/ SP2000

Reef H2O

$ 250.99 


Product Code: BM00720

The Bubble Magus C 7 skimmer is suitable for aquariums 100 - 185 gallons. The new parabolic body cone design greatly enhances the efficiency up to 10%. The unique air nozzle promotes an excellent mixing ratio of air and water to achieve dense micro bubble.

Meshwheel Protein Skimmer
Advance collection cup, easy to disassemble
Improved bubble plate to reduce water turbulence
Quick-release design for easy pump access and cleaning
Meshwheel cone protein skimmer BM-C7
Capability: 500L-700L (130G-185G)
Pump power: 28W, 220V 50Hz /110V 60Hz
Air intake : 500L/H
Dimensions: 9.4"L x 7.8"W x 20"H
Cylinder: Max 9"
Water Level :9.5"-11"

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