Cobalt Easy-therm 100w Heater

Reef H2O

$ 49.47 


Product Code: CB00387

The all new Cobalt Aquatics Easy-Therm fully submersible heaters feature a modern, flat design, and a simple to set thermostat with easy to see ON/OFF indicator lights. The positive clicking thermostat is equipped with a Triac that turns the heater on and of at lower voltage, and magnetic contacts that ensure positive contact and release of the thermostat switch every time. All of these features have been engineered to extend life and reliability of the thermostat and ultimately the heater. The thermal-plastic outer casing gives the Easy-Therm superior heat and shock resistance. Reversible mounting bracket gives the aquarist incredible installation flexibility. Perfect for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Accurate to ±2ºF. Available in 25-200 watt sizes. 3 year warranty.

Correct heater postion- Vertical with heating element down, bezel, cord and button up.
Minimum water level- Top of the bezel.
-For 25, 50, 75watt 5.5″ from bottom of the heater.
-For 100 watt 8.75″ from bottom of the heater.
Maximum depth of 31.5″ deep at the bezel.

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