Cobalt In-Line Pump 5/8 barb 210 gph

Reef H2O

$ 34.99 


Product Code: CB00332

Cobalt E-X-T Inline Pump

The only pump in its class that features integrated 5/8” hose barbs and locking rings, the Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T inline pump’s unique design can be installed internally or externally. It can be positioned to push or pull water through your system, allowing complete flexibility on any aquarium, terrarium or vivarium setup.
• Max flow rate of 210gph (800l)
• 5/8” Hose barb with locking rings
• Innovative impeller design can push or pull water
• Unique silent inline pump can be installed internally or externally
• Compact housing with integrated suction cup mounts for ultimate flexibility
• 3-Year Warranty

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