Cobalt Phantom Ultrasonic Air Pump

Reef H2O

$ 24.95 


Product Code: CB00454

The Cobalt Aquatics PHANTOM air pumps feature innovative Ultrasonic technology to produce 8 gph of air up to 31.5” deep. Perfect for small bowls and aquariums up to 26 gals. Incredibly quiet at only 35dB, and energy efficient with only 1.5W power consumption. The PHANTOM air pump comes complete with integrated suction cup mount, airline tubing, and an airstone, so you're ready to go right out of the box. 3-year warranty
Great for up to 26 gallon aquariums
Includes 60" (5 feet) airline tubing and airstone
8 gph output
Integrated suction cup mount
Pumps up to 31.5” deep
Super silent at less than 35dB
New patented technology
3 year warranty

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