Current USA Satellite Plus Flexable Led Strip W/Controller

Reef H2O

$ 69.99 


Product Code: CUR04009

* Remote controlled flexible LED strip lights for freshwater aquariums
* Enhance existing freshwater aquarium light fixtures with LED lighting
* Custom retrofit aquarium lighting with Blue+White or RGB+White LEDs
Latest LED technology for freshwater aquarium hobbyists means easy upgrades in minutes. Current USA Flexible LED Strip Lights with adhesive backing easily retrofits onto light fixtures or canopies for enhanced LED aquarium illumination with dynamic lighting effects in just minutes! Enjoy amazing LED upgrade without having to replace existing aquarium light fixtures.

Current USA Freshwater Flexible LED Strip Lights measure 44" L x 0.375" W x 0.125" High. Fits aquariums 18" to 44" long. Low-voltage Flexible LED Strip Lights are IP65 rated and are super safe for aquarium use. Available in Satellite Freshwater LED Flexible Strip Light with Blue & White LEDs and Satellite Freshwater LED+ Flexible Strip Light with RGB + White LEDs.

Satellite Freshwater LED Flexible Strip Light employs Blue+White LED technology for amazing shimmer and enhancing the brilliant colors of freshwater fish. Wired remote control allows dimmable control PLUS advanced light effects at a simple press of a button. Enjoy independent control of blue and white LEDS or access 7 different dynamic light effects that mimic real-world aquatic conditions, whether its cloud cover effects, storm modes complete with lightning strikes or evening modes that include lunar and dusk lighting conditions.

Satellite Freshwater LED+ Flexible Strip Light employs RGB+White LED technology for endless color blends. 32-key customizable wireless infrared remote control lets you individually adjust each color as well as access advanced light effects with a simple press of a button. Choose from 6 adjustable preset colors or 12 dynamic light effects including cloud cover, fading lunar, storm, lightning, dusk and more. Four memory buttons lets you save your favorite custom color blends and Pause/Play mode puts you in control of your one-of-a-kind freshwater LED lighting system.

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