Eshopps Advanced Series Refugium 3rd Generation ADV-100

Reef H2O

$ 319.99 


Product Code: ES89244


The Eshopps’ Advance Series sump is two filters in one, part open Reef Sump, part Refugium, and is designed for serious hobbyist with its very unique two-in-one combination design. Incoming water enters a chamber, and then is diverted into the separate sump and refugium chambers. The open sump chamber is large enough to house a Protein Skimmer, Media Reactor, or other equipment. The sump also has a built in probe holder. The refugium is large enough to grow nutrient consuming macroalgae, and includes an acrylic light stand. The Advance series filter also features a baffle between the sump/refugium compartments, and the return pump chamber, that contains a foam block to remove air bubbles, and further trap debris. The filter comes with flexible drain hose, to connect to your drilled aquarium, or Hang-On overflow box (not included).


Acrylic Light Stand; light support
Flex Hose
Built-in Probe Holder
Skimmer/Fuge compartment



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