Fritz FritzZyme Monster 360 Freshwater 16 oz

Reef H2O

$ 15.29 


Product Code: FM75016

SUPER CONCENTRATED Biological Aquarium Cleaner For Freshwater

Promotes a Clean, Clear & Healthy Aquarium
Reduces & Simplifies Maintenance
Bacteria Rapidly Digests Waste
Eliminates Foul Odors & Improves Clarity
FritzZyme® MONSTER 360 is a powerful, concentrated probiotic blend of naturally occurring, environmentally friendly, live heterotrophic bacteria capable of digesting organic sludge common in aquariums. FritzZyme® MONSTER 360 has been specially formualted to handle the organic waste produced by MONSTER fish including Oscars, Arowana, Freshwater StingRays, Piranha, Peacock Bass, Arapaima, Gar, etc.; as well as heavily stocked tanks (african cichlids). Sludge includes fish waste, leftover food and other decaying organic matter. Using FritzZyme® MONSTER 360 as part of a regular maintenance program will greatly reduce aquarium care including gravel vacuuming, water changes as well as prolonging filter media life. The bacteria in FritzZyme® MONSTER 360 is safe, non-toxic and non-pathogenic.

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