Galapagos Royal Pillow Moss 8 QT

Reef H2O

$ 13.99 


Product Code: GL05254

Galápagos Royal Pillow Moss is made of soft, clumpy pillows of real moss! This substrate is extremely versatile, long-lasting, and very important to amphibians and reptiles who inhabit tropical or forest type settings. The plush moss is ideal for species like newts, frogs, salamanders, snakes, and others who desire a humid environment!

Royal Pillow Moss is a fantastic substrate to use as it is highly absorbent, which helps maintain a humid, healthy home, and also helps the shedding process. Under the appropriate conditions, it is even possible that it could come back to life! Made without the use of salt, chemicals, oils, or parasites, it is 100% safe for all terrarium pets.

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