Hagen Fluval WIFI LED Controller

Reef H2O

$ 84.99 


Product Code: HAG13976

Designed to control up to two Fluval 2.0 Performance LED lamps, the all-new Fluval WiFi LED Controller provides wireless and real-time management of your aquarium lighting from the convenience of your smart phone or tablet. The Fluval WiFi App is compatible with the Fluval Fresh & Plant 2.0 LED Aquarium Lights (A3990 24", A3991 36", A3992 48") and the Fluval Marine & Reef 2.0 LED Lights (A3993 24", A3994 36", A3995 48").

The Fluval WiFi LED Controller has the WiFi connection built in. You will not need to use a separate WiFi network. You just need a compatible smart phone or tablet (iOS or Android). With the Controller you can set the color mix (one channel for blue and one for white leds) and intensity for sunrise, mid-day, sunset and night periods. The light will gradually increase in intensity at sunrise and gradually decrease intensity at sunset. There is also a cloud cover feature.The settings for each of the two lights controlled by the WiFi Controller are independent.

Requires Android or iOS (Apple) smart phone or tablet to set up the WiFi controller. You will need to download the App onto your device.

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