JBJ NANO / MINI Installation Kit

Reef H2O

$ 22.99 


Product Code: JBJ10025

The kit includes a six feet of flexible tube with a mouth measuring at least two inches, as well as an S and U input and output tube, respectively. These are all customized to fit different lines of high-selling chillers and aquariums from this product`s manufacturer. These fine tubes are appropriate in length, and they allow you to conveniently attach the hood and the tubes to both the JBJ Nano Cube and the Mini Arctica Chiller.

The JBJ Nano & Mini Arctica Chiller Installation Kit comes with an instructional guide that gives you clear and straightforward steps of installing the parts. The JBJ manufacturing company provides its customers with free technical support to enable them to set up equipment for items purchased from its line of quality aquarium products. With the JBJ Nano & Mini Arctica Chiller Installation Kit, you may not need this customer assistance support. You can practically set up your units on your own. You learn more about your unit and at the same time have more fun installing the system.

2 - 1/2" - 6ft flexible tubing
1 - S-Tube - Outlet
1 - U-Tube - Inlet

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