Milwaukee MC122 PH Controller w/ Electrode

Reef H2O

$ 129.99 


Product code - MIL00422

M C 1 2 2

Professional pH controller especially designed for use with aquariums.
User selectable Hi/Low Set Point

Manual 2 points calibration

Visual LED alarm

Supplied with 12 VDC adapter and mounting kit

Power plug for CO2 dosing

Double junction pH electrode with 2m cable (BNC connector)

Range 0.0 - 14.0 pH
Resolution 0.1 pH
Accuracy ± 0.2 pH
Calibration Manual 2 points
Alarm Active when reading
is higher or lower
than set point
Dosing Contact 1 power plug for CO2 dosing
Probe MA911B/2 - Included

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