Reef Octopus PRIME Protein Skimmer 150 INT 130 Gallon

Reef H2O

$ 349.99 


Product Code: OCT25158

Rated for Aquariums up to 130 Gallons

Footprint: 11.62″ x 9.85″ | Body Diameter: 6″ | Height: 20.7″
Powered by: Aquatrance 1800s Pinwheel Pump

Max Flow: 140gph / Max Air: 660 L/H (23 SCFH)*

Power Consumption: 12watts


Turbulence Reducing Super Cone Body
Solid Cast Acrylic & Machined PVC Construction
Bubble Dispersant Plate
Vented Output Valve with Adjustment Dial
Custom Ultra-efficient Aquatrance 1800s Pump with Cradle
“Twist & Lift” Collection Cup
Efficient & Quiet Operation
Disassembles for Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

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