ReptiBreeze LED Deluxe Screen Cage (24”x24”x48”) XLG

Reef H2O

$ 149.00 


Product Code: ZM09117

Zoo Med's ReptiBreeze® LED Deluxe is an open air, screen enclosure that allows for ample air circulation, making it an ideal habitat for reptiles such as Chameleons, Crested Geckos, and More. Made with an aluminum frame and screen that resists rust and corrosion, this habitat has two doors on the front provide for easy cleaning and terrarium access. This Deluxe ReptiBreeze® features a clear acrylic door panel that allows for unobstructed terrarium viewing. The included, removable bottom tray in this terrarium can be used to hold substrate and excess moisture. This enclosure also features built-in, touch-activated LED lights for illuminating your pet's habitat. These LEDs can be used in any of three different operating modes.

Additional Information:

Made out of rust resistant aluminum.
Two doors on the front allows for easy cleaning and access.
Clear acrylic door panel allows for unobstructed terrarium viewing.
Removable bottom tray for easy cleanup.
Built in, touch activated LED lights in the top panel with 3 optional settings:
Only White
Only Red.

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