Super Reef Octopus 5000INT Internal Skimmer W/Bubble Blaster Pump

Reef H2O

$ 609.99 


Product Code: OCT20110

The Super Reef Octopus 5000 In Sump Protein Skimmer truly stands up to its name! It's super powerful, super durable, and super efficient. The Super Reef Octopus 5000 can filter tanks of up to 500 gallons and is powered by the revolutionary Bubble Blaster 5000s Pinwheel Pump for maximum performance. THe SRO 5000 features a solid acrylic body with a half-conical shape to ensure that bubbles do not create turbulence when they rise. Like all Reef Octopus Skimmers, the SRO 5000 has an oversized air silencer which significantly reduces noise while it's doing its job. If your fishes could talk, they'll surely thank you for choosing this skimmer.
Suited for in-sump use
Graded for tanks up to 500 gallons
Bubble diffusing chamber and hybrid cone body
Oversized air silencer for quiet operation
Large collection cup
Easy to turn output valve
Powered by RO Bubble Blaster HY-5000s Pinwheel Pump
Body Size: 10in
Footprint: 17.5in x 11in
Neck Size: 6in
Total Height: 24in
Output Size: 50mm / 1.5in pvc
Output Height: 5.1in
Recommended Sump Water Height: 6.5-7in
500 Gallons- Light
450 Gallons- Medium
400 Gallons- Heavy
Reef Octopus Bubble Blaster HY-5000s Pinwheel Pump
Wattage: 45w
Air Draw: 2,100 lph / 74 SCFH
Water Draw: 1,800 lph / 480 GPH

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