Super Reef Octopus Protein Skimmer Model 2000 Internal W/Bubble Blaster Pump

Reef H2O

$ 499.99 


Product Code: OCT20104

The Super Reef Octopus Recirc External Protein Skimmer is the best among the best of the RO Recirculating Protein Skimmers. It has all the latest skimmer innovations which makes it the dream skimmer of every aquarist. The SRO 2000 Recirc External Protein Skimmer features a bubble diffusing chamber that stabilizes foam production, thus reducing turbulence in the neck area as well as adding more contact time for organics to collect. It also has a large collection cup with flow guide, drain, and unit venting which makes cleaning less frequent and super easy. And to make sure you'll have a pleasant time while you're admiring your reef, it has an oversized Air Silencer for quiet operation. The SRO 2000 is powered by the heavy-duty Bubble Blaster HY-2000s pinwheel pump. The Bubble Blaster enhances filtration by delivering more bubbles in bigger volume without using more energy or emitting heat. With the reasons above and more, it is no wonder the SRO Recirc Skimmers are our bestsellers.
Graded for tanks up to 250 gallons
Hybrid cone body for better stabilization and collection
High quality machine-welded cast acrylic construction
Bubble diffusing chamber
Venturi Air Injection System
Reef Octopus Bubble Blaster 2000 Recirculation Pump
Oversized collection cup with drain
Precision water level control output valve
Quiet operation
Solid Acrylic Construction
Body Size: 7in
Footprint: 15 x 11.5in
Neck Size: 3.5in
Total Height: 24in
Output Size: 40mm /1.25in pvc
Output Height: 7.59in
Inlet Size: 3/4in
Max Feed Rate: 500GPH
250 Gallons- Light Demand
180 Gallons- Medium Demand
150 Gallons- Heavy Demand

Reef Octopus Bubble Blaster HY-2000s Pinwheel Pump
Wattage: 30w
Air Draw: 960 lph / 34 SCFH
Recalculating: 950 lph / 250 GPH

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