Supreme Mag Drive #3 Pump

Reef H2O

$ 89.99 


Product code - DAN02513

MODEL 3 350GPHMODEL 3 MAG-DRIVE PUMP 350 GPH •These are the work-horse pumps that our aquarists use in the field for mixing saltwater and water transfer. We use these pumps in many aquarium applications. They have proven themselves over and over again. If you need a submersible pump, this is clearly your best choice. The Mag-Drive utility pump is a magnetically-driven, submersible pump. This unique energy-efficient design uses only one moving part - a ceramic/magnetic impeller. May be used as a circulating pump for fresh and saltwater aquariums and ponds.
Ideal for freshwater & saltwater environments˙
Features a reusable debris pre-filter and an 10' power cord˙
Can be used inline or submerged

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