Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium Hood 18"

Reef H2O

$ 29.00 


Product Code: ZM32550

The 18" Naturalistic Terrarium Hood includes a built-in reflector and two sockets for heat and UVB lamps

Additional Information:
This hood fits all 18" wide Naturalistic Terrariums (Zoo Med items# NT-3 or NT-4).

UVB: Use with Zoo Meds ReptiSun® 5.0 UVB Compact Fluorescent Lamp for both UVB and UVA.

Heat: Use Zoo Meds Daylight Blue Reptile Bulb for daytime heat (up to 60 watts) or Zoo Meds Nightlight Red Reptile Bulb for 24 hour heat (up to 60 watts).

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